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Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

This National Coffee Day, there is no better way to celebrate with some breakfast sandwiches!

Here are ways to make your coffee keto-friendly:

  1. Choose unflavored coffee beans: Go for the real coffee beans like arabica or robusta. These have their own natural flavors and subtleties that can be lost in artificially flavored coffee beans. You’ll soon start noticing flavors like nuts, chocolate, and even fruitiness. Experiment with different beans and soon you’ll find a blend that excites you!
  2. Skip the milk: Whole milk is the lesser of the evils, containing a relatively higher amount of fat than skim and the 1 & 2%s. What you’re looking for is heavy cream. Heavy cream is low carb, high fat. It’s the cream collected off the top of milk when it’s left to separate (what’s left is skim milk, a.k.a. pretty much water). Heavy cream (or heavy whipping cream or whipping cream) is gold in the keto community. It’s delicious and adds a richness to your coffee that you won’t get from anything else.
  3. Consider sugar-free syrups: use a sugar-free syrup in your coffee. Most common sugar-free syrups are vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. Some even have sugar free white chocolate and cinnamon dulce!
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