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NEW Entree Bowls: Lemon Chicken Bowl

NEW Entree Bowls: Lemon Chicken Bowl

When life gives you lemons...make our new Lemon Chicken Bowl for lunch! 

Why Our Grain Free Lemon Chicken Bowl Is the Perfect Easy Lunch or Dinner

Not only is our low-carb Lemon Chicken Bowl full of fresh lemon flavor, it's also FREE of grains, gluten, enriched flours and high-carb pasta noodles found in most other readily made meals.

Instead, the noodles in our Lemon Chicken Bowl are made with vegetable-based, hearts-of-palm! We top them with chicken, a creamy Picatta Sauce, and lemon pepper seasoning...and we're not ashamed to say we have licked the bowl clean. 😏

Grain Free Lemon Chicken Bowl

Especially because our grain free Lemon Chicken Bowl has 16 grams of protein and only 8 grams of net carbs! 

Delicious Times To Eat Our Grain Free Lemon Chicken Bowl 

First of all, there's NO bad time to eat our Lemon Chicken Bowl. (Except, maybe, when you're standing in line in the grocery store and haven't paid yet!)

But from what we've heard from YOU - our Real Good Foods fam - some of your fave times to dig in include:

  • During lunch at work when you haven't had time to pack your own but still wanna stick to your low-carb goals.
  • On lazy weekend nights when cooking is the last item on your to-do list.
  • After a hard workout when you need a nutritionally-dense meal FAST.
  • For breakfast because you just had our Lemon Chicken Bowl the night before and are obssesssssed. 😉

Grain Free Lemon Chicken Bowl

Where to Find Real Good Foods New Entree Bowls

Ready to ca-noodle with our grain free Lemon Chicken Bowl?? Find it in Kroger family stories, Safeway and Albertson family stores, and in select Targets (mainly on the West coast). Or use our Store Locator here to find all our Entree Bowls in a store near you!

When Would Our Lemon Chicken Bowl Make Your Day?

Let us know when you love eating our Lemon Chicken Bowl in the comments!

Grain Free Lemon Chicken Bowl

Or share how you bowl RGF style on social media and tag us. We always LOVE hearing from our RGF fam!

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