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New & Improved Chicken Poppers Now Available

New & Improved Chicken Poppers Now Available

So, our first batch of Chicken Poppers fell a little flat. We saw your reviews, read your DMs, and listened to your feedback—and then used it to create a better Popper. Now, we’re happy to announce these new and improved Poppers are available at Walmart and on!

With more filling, more flavor, and a juicy, tender texture, these amped-up Chicken Poppers are the guilt-free, high protein snack you’ve been asking for.

“If you had the old version and are skeptical about these new ones, then let me assure you the difference is night and day. GET THESE POPPERS!” – Jimmy Moore




Heat them up in the microwave and toss ’em on a salad for a quick and easy lunch. Want to prep them in the air fryer? Prep at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

We can’t wait for you to try what we’re calling Poppers 2.0. Thank you for working with us on these, Fam. We are so incredibly grateful for you!

Find NEW Chicken Poppers in a store near you!

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