Craving Chipotle...but don't want to leave home or eat ALL the carbs?!? Then you'll love our NEW line of Entree Bowls, which includes a grain-free Chicken Burrito Bowl!

Our Grain Free Chicken Burrito Bowl vs. Other Readily-Made Chicken Burrito Bowls

Unlike other readily-made Chicken Burrito bowls that have over 50g of carbs and added sugars, ours is made with low-carb Spanish-style Cauliflower Rice and only clean ingredients. And yeah, we said SPANISH-STYLE cauli rice! So if you're always craving more flava with your veggies, we got you covered. 😉

What else is in our grain free and gluten free Chicken Burrito Bowl? Nutrient-dense ingredients like:

  • Tender strips of all-natural chicken
  • Protein-packed black beans
  • Pico de gallo we make from scratch! 

And you get ALL that for only 160 calories and 9g net carbs. Not to mention, our Chicken Burrito Bowl also has 15g of clean protein! Now can you tell why we're 1000% obsessed?!?

gluten free chicken burrito bowl by real good foods

When, Where and How We Love Eating Our Gluten Free Chicken Burrito Bowl

Because our Entree Bowls are cooked in the microwave, they're perfect for when you need a quick, low carb lunch for work - just ask any of our Real Good Food team members! - or an easy gluten free dinner after a long day.

And if you have time, here are few ideas you can use to make our Chicken Burrito Bowl your DREAM low carb meal:

  • Add a drizzle of your fave hot sauce if you like it HOT.
  • Top with fresh cilantro.
  • Add fresh avocado slices or your fave guac!

grain free chicken burrito bowl by real good foods

You can even go a lil' crazy and make a keto-friendly tortilla shell outta cheese - check out our recipe for that here! - and turn our grain-free Chicken Burrito Bowl into an EPIC keto-friendly tortilla filling. Just remember to snap a pic to share with us before you dig in! 

Where to Find Real Good Foods New Entree Bowls

You ready to start BOWLing, Real Good Foods style? Then look for our new Entree Bowls in Walmart and Kroger. Or use our Store Locator here to find them in a store near you!

grain free chicken burrito bowl real good foods

How Would You Chicken Burrito Bowl?

Let us know by tagging us in your social media stories and posts! We can't wait to hear what you think of our new Entree Bowls!

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