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Real Good Transformation - Tyler Clark of @fastifierclark

Real Good Transformation - Tyler Clark of @fastifierclark

Tyler Clark has been in the health and fitness arena for over 13+ years of his life from being a skinny athlete in high school, to a muscle bound meat head during his collage years and then once he settled down into the white picket fence dream he ended up being 246 pounds at 6'4 and overweight.

Clark stated, “I decided to make a change because I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, not looking forward to waking up in the mornings because I was always tired, lazy, and in pain, and overall, I was at rock bottom and sick of not feeling happy anymore.”

The passionate health and fitness enthusiast knew deep down, he had to make a change because he didn’t feel like himself anymore. So, he spent a lot of time researching things that were not a part of the norm and constructed a plan where he was able to lose 56 pounds in 90 days without ever having to exercise.

He was then able to lose that weight and keep it off without ever regaining it by simply eating high healthy fats, moderate protein, and little to no carbs while implementing true intermittent water fasting.

Sometimes going to the gym is tough with everyone’s schedule but Clark explained that exercising is amazing for health reasons which he implements into his life. But at the time he started his journey he didn't have the time for it, and to him it was mind blowing because he didn’t have to make it a part of his life to regain his health and lose the weight he desired.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a healthy lifestyle the hardest

Food for Clark to give up was by far nachos, and Butterfinger milk shakes! Clark stated, “I constantly craved the sweetness of a Butterfinger and the crunch of a fully loaded nacho plate!”

A current goal that Clark has for himself is to do whatever is possible to try and reverse our overweight and obesity epidemic we are currently facing today, while showing people inexpensive alternatives they can adjust in their lives to reclaim their lives back!

His clients and all the beautiful and amazing people he has helped is his motivation. Clark explained, “Hearing their stories, watching their transformations, and seeing the change that can occur from my message motivates me every morning to wake up and do everything possible to get in front of more and more people every day. All it takes is changing the life of one person and my entire purpose is being fulfilled.”

The health enthusiast recommends to eat real, healthy, natural foods, stay away from all products that use dangerous, artificial, and fake ingredients that put your health at risk. Secondly, eat 1-2 meals per day and really start making water fasting a priority during the times you are not eating. Additionally, when you are eating, eat until you are full and then stop. Lastly, stop snacking.

The challenges Clark faced as he was trying to live a healthier lifestyle, was  when he was being criticized by his friends, family, and co-workers. When he used to consume energy drinks and donuts nobody blinked an eye, when he would eat 6 meals a day, eat every 2-3 hours and starve myself of calories, nobody would say anything!

As soon as he said he was eating high fats, moderate protein, little to no carbs, and that he was fasting for longer periods of time he was criticized and demonized from multiple different angles.

“The problem with this at the time was that I had already ben doubting the information I had been consuming, so then having everybody else ridiculing me for it, planted even more seeds of doubt”, Clark stated.

Luckily, he didn’t listen to anybody but himself and pushed on or else he wouldn’t be where he is today, and the many people he has helped wouldn’t have been able to hear his voice.

The biggest thing I also learned from this is people are speaking from knowledge they have yet to learn but they are truly coming from a place of caring, you just need to let your results speak for themselves first because then they will be ready to listen.

According to Clark his advice would be to not overload yourself full of information because it can get very overwhelming, complicated, and discouraging! I would find 1-2 people you feel connected to, can trust, who have lived in your shoes and then consume what they are telling you.

I’d then just start and keep a close support system together that won’t make you doubt yourself, and then I’d live your journey through these 3 words! You need to commit yourself to your journey, then have faith in what you are doing even through the hard times, and then stay consistent until you reach your goals!

He continued by saying that in order to do that though, you need to sit down and write out your “why” what is your why on why you want to become healthy, why you want to lose weight, and why you’re ready for this journey? Because your why sets a solid foundation to help you reach your health and weight loss goals.

On his journey to a healthier lifestyle, he learned that cannot believe everything we have been being fed, because majority of everything we know about health and weight loss today has been purchased to keep us on the hamster wheel of dieting, sell us more products, make us a monthly subscription for medications, and make us apart of the system that has created an epidemic of us becoming overweight and obese.

Awareness and questioning everything when it come to our own health is honestly the key living a healthier lifestyle and getting the most out of the life we have been given.

This is why I was extremely excited you guys reached out to me because Real Good Foods is a company who only uses natural foods, with ingredients that best serve us and that means a lot to find a company who has their customers first over everything else.

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