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Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme!

Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme!

Here at Real Good Food's, we're proud of the innovation our team delivers. Our flavorful enchiladas made with a thin chicken tortilla are some of our most versatile offerings. The majestic Crunchwrap Supreme is one of Taco Bell's most iconic and innovative products. As our team works to create unique recipes for you, this crossover seemed like something we HAD to share. Try this Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme out any time of day, when you need your Taco Bell fix. 


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‚ô¨ 128bpm - cg


- Real Good Food's Enchiladas of choice (we used cheese) 

- 4 low-carb Tortillas

- 2 Eggs

- 1/8 cup Rice (optional)

- Coconut oil (for greasing pan) 

- Desired toppings (we used avocado, corn, and melted cheese)


1. Mix 2 eggs in a small bowl, season to taste.

2. Utilizing a medium pan, grease, and cook your scrambled eggs.

3. Layout all four low-carb tortillas, slightly overlapping one another, add scrambled eggs (and rice if desired) as a base

low-carb breakfast crunchwrap with Real Good Food's Enchiladas. Incredible macros ont he Real Good Food's Enchiladas, fortifying your breakfast treat with ultimate nutrition.

4. Add your Real Good Food's Enchilada of choice. We used cheese but we also offer Chicken, Pork, and Beef. Pro Tip: Our green, handcrafted, Verde sauce coating our chicken and pork enchiladas would complement your breakfast crunchwrap perfectly! Need to restock? We got you! Use code "crunchwrap" at checkout! 

5. Add in any additional toppings. We included avocado, corn, and cheese 

6. Fold your crunchwrap. Fold each corner inward, overlapping each fold to prevent leaking later

move over Taco Bell, Real Good Food's Crunchwraps are changing the game.

7. After folding your crunchwrap, begin heating a medium-sized pan 

8. Grease for a perfect golden brown! We used coconut oil. We recommend heating the crunchwrap seam side down, to encourage a seal while browning

9. Cook a minute or 2 or until golden. Flip! 

10. Move to a plate, cut down the middle, enjoy!

Real Good Foods Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme


The camera eats first...

Did you try this recipe out? We'd love to see! Be sure to tag @realgoodfoods! 

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