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Hack Your Breakfast Sandwich!

Hack Your Breakfast Sandwich!

Our Breakfast Sandwiches offer the morning hack of a lifetime! Unlike other frozen breakfast sandwiches, our fluffy cauliflower sammies are crave-able, healthy, and quick, and easy. 

If you're like me, once you discovered the Cauliflower Cheese Bun, there was no going back. Given, not to brag, but I've gotten pretty good at cooking Real Good Food's Breakfast Sandwiches to perfection. This hacked breakfast sandwich includes creamy, omega-rich avocado which can enhance the nutrition in plant-based foods, like our buns!

Want to get on this breakfast level? Here's the hack: 


- Real Good Foods Breakfast Sandwich

- 1 ripe Avocado

- Hot sauce of choice


1. Always cook from refrigerated temperatures instead of frozen, when possible! Super easy! When winding down the night before, make sure to place one breakfast sandwich in the fridge before bed.  

2. Remove Sandwich from packaging and wrap tightly in a paper towel

3. For the bacon breakfast sandwiches, microwave for 30 seconds on each side. For the sausage breakfast sandwiches, microwave for 30 seconds on each side and check for the desired temp. Because the sausage is a thicker protein source than bacon, it may need some additional time. No fear... 

4. Pro Tip: Crisp your breakfast sandwich in the air fryer! 5 additional minutes at 350 degrees F to get your gluten-free fluffy buns nice and toasty. Our stuffed chicken, stuffed chicken nuggets, and breakfast sandwiches are even more delightful after a 5 minute crisp!

5. Slice 1 ripe avocado 

6. Open sandwich, add avocado, hot sauce, and voila!

better-for-you Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich

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