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Have Grill Good Memorial Day!

Have Grill Good Memorial Day!

Break out that grill and commemorate our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day weekend with our Poppers and Chicken Crust Pizzas.



Prepping our Chicken Crust Pizzas and Poppers on the grill is a GAME CHANGER!


Pro Tips on Poppers: Turn our poppers into skewers, a staple for any barbecue. Just throw in some avocados, bacon, and tomatoes and hear the satisfying sizzle of our FIRE Chicken Poppers as you throw those bad boys on the grill. Our poppers are filled with natural ingredients and contain 22g of protein and only 3g of carbs, but taste as good as any restaurant appetizer that your guests won’t be able to resist!


Who would have ever thought to grill a pizza? Well when the crust is made from all natural chicken breast it makes a lot more sense 😉  This is by far our favorite prep method for the chicken crust pizzas — These pizzas taste best with grill marks, adding flavors you won’t even be able to describe! The best part? The pizzas are ready from the grill in less than 7 minutes! We put the heat on medium and they’re perfect in 6-8 minutes (from frozen).  If thawed, it’ll take even less time! With gluten-free crust made from antibiotic-free chicken breast Parmesan cheese (with no added grains, gluten or fiber fillers), you’ll wonder how a grilled pizza that tastes this good, feels this good!


Looking for our Chicken Crust pizzas and poppers? Check our store locator and filter to “Pizza” and “Poppers” to find locally – We have a Buy One Get One Free Sale going on at Kroger family stores as well through 5/29!

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