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Real Good In-N-Out

Real Good In-N-Out

Who doesn't love In-N-Out? With the menu so easy to remember when you order. This is our Keto friendly version of the popular In-N-Out burger and animal style fries you can make at home!

For the Burger

      For the Animal Style Fries


      For the Burger

        1. Cut lettuce
        2. Cut tomato
        3. Microwave Breakfast sandwich (We recommend the Sausage Breakfast Sandwich) – Wrap in a paper towel then microwave for 30-45 seconds if refrigerated or 45 seconds on each side if frozen.
        4. Add tomato and lettuce to breakfast sandwich
        For the Animal Style Fries
        1. Place the poppers into an air fryer at 350F for 10 minutes or cook as per instructions.
        2. Melt cheese
        3. Place cheese in top of poppers
        Enjoy! Plan on trying this out? Tag us on Instagram @RealGoodFoods
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