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The Easiest Low Carb Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni Dinner

low carb ricotta cheese cannelloni with marinara sauce

The Easiest Low Carb Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni Dinner

Craving Italian food but eating low carb? Then you'll love our NEW Grande Italian Entrees, available in Marinara Ricotta, Chicken Alfredo, and Spinach & Ricotta Cheese. Not only are our low carb Grande Italian Entrees super quick to make in the microwave - or oven or air fryer - but they're also, low carb, gluten free and grain free. HOW?? The low carb pasta is made of antibiotics-free chicken and cheese!

And if you're looking for the ultimate easy low carb lunch or dinner, you'll love this recipe for low carb Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni! Made in 30 minutes or less, it'll give you all the authentic Italian flavors you're craving with a fraction of the carbs. Plus, you'll love the crispy prosciutto chips added on top!


For Our Low Carb Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni Dinner

First, take out your prosciutto and fold each strip into its own pile on a baking tray. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 7-10 minutes, or until crispy. While it is baking, cook your Low Carb Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni with Marinara Sauce. It can be cooked in the microwave, but we recommend cooking in the oven or air fryer. We like doing ours at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25-30 minutes in the oven or 10 minutes in the air fryer!

Once both are cooked, crumble up the prosciutto chips on your Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni and add some parmesan and fresh basil. Then dig in! 

Where to Find Our Low Carb Grande Italian Entrees

Trying to find our low carb Grande Italian Entrees? Look for them at Texas Costco's, Kroger, Dillon’s, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, QFC, King Soopers, Ralph’s, and Smith’s! Check for the best locations near you using our Store Locator...and stay up-to-date on new stores carrying our products by following us on Instagram or Facebook!

And let us know in the comments which low carb Grande Italian Entree you want to try out first!

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