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Low Carb Lime Shrimp Enchiladas

low carb shrimp enchiladas

The Easiest Low Carb Lime Shrimp Enchiladas

You know we're all about high-protein, high FLAVOR meals...and these low carb enchiladas topped with lime shrimp, salsa and crema check both boxes. Plus, this is low carb dinner as easy to make as it is to eat, thanks to our low carb Chicken Enchiladas. And as usual, this recipe is gluten free and grain free.

How? We ditched the enriched, processed flours found in other enchiladas and used only REAL, meat, cheese and vegetables in our low carb Chicken Enchiladas. So you eat good AND feel good after!

And we're also digging this low carb Enchiladas recipe because it was made by an amazing member of our RGF fam: @ketoassbih on Instagram! Like we've said before, we LOVE seeing you experiment with new ways to enjoy our products. So if you share a recipe, be sure to use the hashtags #BeRealGood, #RealGoodFoods. That way, we can see it...and maybe even feature your recipe on our website! 


For Our Low Carb Lime Shrimp Enchiladas

Real Good Foods Grande Chicken Enchiladas

Deveined shrimp, pre-seasoned or plain

Optional: chili powder and fresh lime

Cotija cheese

Salsa of choice

Fresh cilantro 



For Our Low Carb Lime Shrimp Enchiladas

First, cook your Grande Chicken Enchiladas. You can cook them according to the oven instructions on the box, or cook in the air fryer. For the air fryer, leave the enchiladas in the tray but remove the film on top of them. Then cook at 350 for 10 minutes or until slightly crispy and super gooey. 

While it's cooking, season your shrimp if needed with the chili powder and lime juice. Sautee in a pan until the shrimp are pink and cooked through. Place on top of the cooked Grande Chicken Enchiladas and add all desired toppings. Then dig in!

Where to Find Our Low Carb Grande Enchiladas...

Trying to find our low carb Grande Enchiladas? Look for them at Publix, some Costco stores, online and Kroger Family Stores! Check for the best locations near you using our Store Locator...and stay up-to-date on new stores carrying our products by following us on Instagram or Facebook!

And we want to shout out @ketoassbih again for sharing such a bomb recipe. We can't wait to see what our RGF fam creates next!

And let us know in the comments what your favorite Real Good Foods product to air fry is!

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