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Low Carb & Low Sugar Root Beer Float

low carb low sugar root beer float

Low Carb Low Sugar Root Beer Float

Who else looooooves a refreshing Root Beer Float...but not ALL the carbs and sugars in it?? That's why we created a low carb and low sugar Root Beer Float that tastes just as good AND won't leave ya' in a sugar coma afterward!

Plus, this low sugar Root Beer Float is super easy to make. All you need is a can of Zevia Root Beer and our Super Premium Ice Cream, which has only 5-8g net carbs and 4-6g sugar! And since our Premium Ice Cream is made of REAL ingredients like milk and cream, it still has the super creamy texture you're craving in any ice cream dessert. 


For Our Low Carb & Low Sugar Root Beer Float

This low carb Root Beer Float is about as easy as it gets to make! First, pour around 1/2 of a can of Root Beer into your glass. Then scoop three generous scoops of our Super Premium Tanzanian Vanilla Ice Cream into the same glass. Pour additional Root Beer as desired and stir with your straw until creamy.

Then enjoy!

Where to Find Our Super Premium Ice Cream...

Exciting news, fam! Our Super Premium Ice Cream is now available in Walmart! To get your hands on the first-ever REAL ice cream that's only 5g net carbs, check for locations near you using our Store Locator

And let us know in the comments - or on social media - if you give this low sugar Root Beer Float a try!

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