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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Idea but-Natural Flavors-Hell Naw!

This would be so much better with sausage made without natural flavors.
So come on! I will buy a case of this When you make it without the natural flavors because they ain’t natural.

Nichole Holliman
Different Yet Not All Bad

Great Nutritionally, decent size, does come in various choices, for a 4 count I spend $7 ($1.75 each) at Walmart...
Again I mention, it's healthy! Only 8 total carbs (4 net) and 22 freaking grams of protein!
Though I enjoy the taste of Cauliflower and cheese, the bun is very dry. The texture is similar to a dry English muffin. I put some Taco Bell mild sauce to add some moisture and flavor. I would also like if it were able to be microwaved in a pouch like other breakfast sandwiches. I'm wasting so many paper towels to just heat them up per the instructions.
Overall : These are worth getting if you want to have a decent breakfast and are willing to improvise on a sauce. I actually just bought my second box. I either make these, an omelet, or a "cloud bread" breakfast sandwich in the mornings. Just an idea... If a packet of sauce options were available to purchase (like the toaster strudel) separately, then a customer could get a wider variety of flavor for this product and set it apart from other breakfast sandwiches. They could be no/low carb. Options could be, a cheese packet, salsa, mayo, Sf syrup... Stuff like that. Ppsstt, If the makers of these use my idea.... I'm available to try out new things and would love to consult on expanding ideas on this product.

John smith
Deleting Reviews

I left a one star review and it quickly disappeared. Emailed them about it and no response. Fairly certain they delete reviews under 4 stars.

Our New Go-to breakfast!

We are in love with the sausage and cheese Sandwhich! I don’t really like the smell when it’s cooking because I don’t really like cauliflower, but after it cools off for about 20 seconds that smell goes away and it is delicious! I usually take one of the cauliflower buns off because I like it better with just one and it’s actually even lower carb. They are also very filling! So happy to have found this brand and something easy and delicious for my Gluten free daughter too.

Real Good...Really

I just tried this for the first time. I was super skeptical of how good it would really be. It really is good though. I WILL definitely buy this again!

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