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Loyalty Program FAQ's

We're giving YOU VISA Gift Cards, our Foods, Merch, and more by earning points! Visit our Rewards Program here and see below for our FAQs.

1. If I were a part of your loyalty program before, will my points transfer over to this new program?
This is a brand new Loyalty Program! All customers will start new with points and points from previous orders or purchases prior to 6/19/2023 will not be transferred over.

2. What happens when I reach a new Tier?
Someone from our Team will email you directly at the email associated with your Loyalty Account to send you your rewards.

3. When I reach a new Tier status and receive my rewards, do I start over in Points?
No! You will not start over with points. You will continue earning until you've reached all 3 Tiers, and then start over after the 3rd Tier is reached!

4. Can I upload receipts from before to redeem points, or can I get points from previous orders?
Receipts or orders prior to 6/19/2023 will not be applicable to receive points!

5. Does the shipping on the website count towards points?
Points are only earned on Food purchases, not shipping costs!

6. Can I earn Points if I purchased the Food on Instacart or any other Delivery app/ website? 
As long as you submit an image/file of the Digital Receipt with the date and products purchased, you can earn points!

7. What if I purchase an item on sale, how many points will I receive?
You will receive 1 point for every $1 spent; so the points received will be the sale price

8. What if I place an online order and need a refund?
Your points from the refund will be deducted from your loyalty account automatically!

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