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Customer Reviews

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A Bit of Italy!

Delicioso! Perfectly healthy pizza w/a bit of my daily greens....not a bad deal!

Broccoli Crust Margherita

The crust itself was better when a little crunchy. The toppings were very tasty.

First and forever keto meals!

Started with a random purchase of mini chicken crust pizza's at a local CVS 2,5 years ago, and my love affair with this company continues to grow!
Perfectly seasoned, healthy frozen food. Think it's impossible? Try this brand!
New ice cream will be my next purchase!
Great company with their eye on exemplary customer service.
Thank you guys, you are the BEST!

Delicious keto alternative

I love pizza, Some of my friends say I have a PhD in pizza. These Broccoli Crust Margharita pizza as well as the superfoods crusts allow me to satisfy these cravings with much healthier ingredients.

Five stars, even with cooking hiccups

The crust crisps up and tastes like a regular crust, which really surprised me. The tomatoes are fresh and still plump and juicy. Plenty of cheese. Fair amount of sauce. Flavors are great, it tastes like a margherita pizza. My hiccups are I tried cooking one of these, on two separate occasions; Once in an oven, and once in a toaster oven. Both times pizza was frozen and placed directly on the rack. Cooking time suggests 14-18 min. Both times, around the 12 minute mark, the edges of the pizza cooked MUCH faster than the rest. It will take a little adjusting for me to find what works, but considering how good this pizza is, I don't mind. I simply suggest that you check on it sooner than the box says, or cooking it at a lower temperature. That's my only complaint. This pizza is good quality, real ingredients, and delicious. Buy it.

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