Low Carb Creamy Poblano Enchiladas

What to Know About Our Gluten Free Foods!

We recently introduced a couple of new Low-Carb items at Sam's Club and Costco, like our Creamy Poblano Chicken Enchiladas and our Low Carb Chicken Burritos, which are both loaded with chunks of chicken and cheese, and wrapped in a low-carb, flour tortilla. We know that not everyone enjoys the uniqueness of our Chicken-tortilla, so we wanted to give another option which tastes much more like a delicious, traditional Enchilada, but has only a small fraction of the carbs.

We know this may raise some concerns around how our other 20+ products are remaining Gluten Free, and rest assured, we have a strict Food Safety and Allergen program in place that makes sure there is no cross contamination and that equipment is well-tested after each run of gluten-containing foods. We are fully committed to supplying safe, gluten-free products that meet all GFCO requirements and regulatory (local, state, and federal) requirements—assuring that all products have been manufactured under the STRICTEST USDA Food Safety and quality standards, and meeting gluten-free labeling regulations, domestic (USA) and abroad (Mexico).

So why don't we have the Certification on our packages anymore? We recently opened a new facility so that we are able to make more foods, but with a new facility comes new certifications. We have started the certification process for our products, but with 20+ products, it is taking us a bit of time. Stay tuned for that soon!

If you have any specific questions about our process, please send us an email at contactus@realgoodfoods.com


Where to Find Our Low Carb Foods?:

Find any of our low-carb, high-protein foods at your local grocery stores such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam's Club, and more, nationwide! Use our store list to see which stores near you have them.

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