Where Can I Buy Locally?

We have over 16,000 retail locations in almost every major city. Use our store locator to find a specific product by location. In our menu just click on Where to Buy.

Where are all the carbs?

We use real-food ingredients like chicken breast and eggs! That’s how we make delicious REAL food with lots of protein and almost no carbs or sugar. Real Food you feel good about eating. Full list of ingredients can be found at ON OUR PRODUCT PAGE :)

Shipping FAQs

Free Shipping on Orders over $99.99. Flat rate of $50 for orders under $99.99. Apparel is made to order and ships separately from the food with expected delivery times between 7-10 business days. Your order is very important to us, and we assure you our team is working around the clock to make sure every order goes out as soon as possible. Click here for the UPS transit map to determine days in transit (between 1-4 days).

IMPORTANT: We do not ship over the weekends - so if an order is placed during the week, and based on location won't arrive by Friday, we will try our best to ship it out Monday or Tuesday. You will receive tracking to your email associated with your order once it's shipped.

Shipping Capabilities: We ship everywhere in the continental US and do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or other US territories. You can still find us in stores in those areas. Please visit our Store Locator to find out which products are in stores near you!

What are the best way to prep your foods?

We're glad you asked ;) -- We have a full list of pro tips and recipes on our "Meal Hacks" page where we share all of our secrets!

What if my local store isn’t carrying a product I want?

The BEST thing you can do is drop off our Retail Request Form. Trust us, it works! And we would also be forever grateful. Click to download Retail Request Form.

If an item I out of stock, how long til it’s back in stock?

We do our best to restock as soon as possible. Typically, products are restocked within 2-4 weeks. You can sign up for back-in-stock alerts on the products' page to be notified!

Questions about my order

-How do I cancel or change my order?

We work very fast to get orders out as soon as possible, so if you need to cancel or change your order, please contactus@realgoodfoods.com or call us at 818-299-4179 within the same day of placing your order. If you contact us outside of the same day of placing the order and your order has already shipped, we cannot provide refunds, cancellations, or order changes.

-How can I get a refund?

If you are unsatisfied with your order, please email contactus@realgoodfoods.com and we will provide you with a shipping label to return the Food along with a brief survey to help us improve!

- Can I store your Food in the fridge?

Yes! All items, except for Ice Cream and Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken can be stored in the fridge for up to 10 days.

Nutrition Questions

- What makes your Food different?
We are make high protein, low-carb, low-sugar delicious options for any occasion. Everything has less than 12g net carbs per serving, are high in protein, low in sugar, and made with real food ingredients

- What are Net Carbs?
Net carbs are the Total amont of Carbohydrates minus the fiber and low-glycemic sugars/sweeteners!

For example, our Chicken Nuggets have 4g total carbs and 1g fiber, so 4g Carbs -1g fiber = 3g net carbs!

-Do you have Vegan or Vegetarian Options?
At this time, we do not have any Vegan options, but we do have vegetarian Pizzas that are available at select retail stores, like Publix!

-Do you have any Dairy-free items?
At this time, we do not have any dairy free options, but our Chicken Nuggets, Strips, and Asian Chicken Entrees are all free from cheese (they just contain a small amount of whey protein).

Allergen Info

All of our Foods are Certified Gluten Free except for our New Creamy Poblano and Salsa Roja Enchiladas, Chicken Burritos, and Flautas. All of our other items are certified Gluten Free and we make sure to clean and sanitize all equipment (per USDA guidelines) after running the products containing Gluten to ensure that all of our other items remain certified Gluten Free. Ice Cream is Gluten Free, however, it is made in a facility that processes gluten. View the nutrition panel for specific items regarding other allergens (nuts, dairy, etc.)

Investor FAQ

Please visit our Investors page for more details!

Still have questions? Call or text us anytime at 818-299-4179 Contact Us