What's Our Beef with Carbs?

What's Our Beef with Carbs?

We hear it all the time—
Carbs are BAD for you

So why are some of our items a bit higher in carbs than others? Truth is, we are NOT anti-carbs....we are just anti-BAD carbs.

First, to break it down for you, there are 3 types of carbohydrates—Sugar, Starches, and Fiber– and your body uses each of these differently as a source of energy. When you eat carbs, your body breaks them down into glucose (aka blood sugar).

But not ALL carbs are bad, so how do you know which ones to eat so you can you make Real Good choices?


GOOD carbs, might also be known as "complex carbs". They give your body tons of vitamins and minerals and it takes your body a longer time to digest them (hence the word "complex"); so your blood sugar levels remain more stable for a longer period of time.

BAD carbs are those "simple carbs" that your body breaks down almost immediately, causing your blood sugar levels to spike and stay elevated for a short period of time ☹️

For example, ever ate some chips and then found yourself looking back into the cabinet 20 minutes later because you felt hungry again? That's because when you eat bad carbs—like the processed flour in chips—your blood sugar levels rise quickly and drop shortly after, causing you to feel hungry AGAIN!

Unfortunately, this is the case with most of the foods we LOVE—the majority of them being loaded with BAD carbs and lacking nutritents our bodies needs.

When too many bad carbs are consumed, our cells tell the extra glucose to be stored as fat, Which increases our chances of developing a health condition such as diabetes or obesity—

currently impacting 1 in 3 Americans today.


And that number is rapidly growing.

To break down how easy it is to consume an abundance of those bad carbs, here's a simple carb break down of some common favorites:

Luckily, these days there are tons of "healthy" alternatives to make you feel like you're making better choices;

however, even most of those "healthy" options are STILL loaded with bad carbs that spike blood sugar!

That's why we are committed to making only REAL Foods that are made with clean ingredients and GOOD carbs—

like veggie noodles, cauliflower crust, all-natural meats and cheeses, and sauces with no sugar added.

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