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Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Prep

CHICKEN CRUST PIZZAS: After oven or microwave, remove cardboard, then throw on frying pan with a little oil and a LID covering the pizza for 2-3 minutes.

RGF POPPERS: Try ‘em in the air fryer! Prep at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

CAULIFLOWER CRUST PIZZAS:  Bake the pizza directly on a perforated pan.

BREAKFAST SANDWICHES: Heat the sandwich from refrigerated (thawed) state! Don't forget to flip the sandwich halfway through!

STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST: The Air Fryer is a Game Changer!

ITALIAN ENTREES: Trying to feed the whole family? Our Itallian Entrees can quadruple up into a Canneloni-Style Lasagna!

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