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We are Modernizing Frozen Food

We are on a mission to make your favorite foods more nutritious and improve human health—We make delicious foods with less carbs, more protein and from REAL food ingredients. Always free from
processed grains and
gluten free.

Since 2016:

We are one of the fastest growing brands in Frozen Food today, offering breakfast, entree, snacks & pizza options in over 16,000 stores nationwide, including:

Real, nutritious food

4g Carb

22g Protein

High Protein, Lower Carbs and Grain Free

1g Carb

32g Protein

So You Feel Good About Eating

5g Carbs

17g Protein

Nutritious Meals Donated

We’ve partnered with food banks across the US to make our nutritious foods more accessible to those in need, and our Team’s goal is to donate 1 million meals.

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