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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Keto Meal

I'm sad to say I only discovered these about 3 or 4 weeks ago as I was wandering the aisle in WalMart trying to find something new and low carb for my keto diet. These not only are delicious, they also fit perfectly into my macros. I honestly eat a box a day as part of my daily meals and being able to switch between these and the red have made them never get old or boring!! Keep them coming Realgood and thank you for offering so many low carb dishes to choose from!!!

Fantastic for Mexican Food Cravings

I'm a Southern California resident, and we love our Mexican food here in SoCal. When you're on a Keto diet, there aren't a lot of options for Keto-approved Mexican food, and that includes enchiladas. I saw these at my local Costco and they looked really good, so I had to try them. Again, as a SoCal resident that used to regularly eat Mexican food weekly, I can tell you, these are VERY good. No weird bitter after taste or anything like this, literally just tastes like really good shredded, cheesy, chicken and tangy green salsa. Lots of big flavors from a healthy dish, and if you're like me, these make a really good drunk munchies meal at the end of a night out!


I dont buy frozen meals often but sometimes you have to. I am currently following a Keto program when I cam across this i was so happy about the carbs, calories and the sodium level (not that high)..These are absoultely delicious. No other words. Perfect for me, paired with a salad or Quest chips and salsa.... Th chicken all white not funny looking !!!! recommend cooking in oven, microwave can ruin food taste!!!!!

Unexpectly GOOD.

I found these at Costco and since I've had good experiece from this company's pizza product, I thought I'd take a chance.
I just started a diet since I gained a lot from the pandemic stay at home.
Just made them for lunch and they are really good and don't taste weird at all. Afterwards I had to double check their website to be sure that the tortilla part was not gluten. It's made with chicken, so these are very guilt free. two thumbs up, I'd definitely buy them again.

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