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Real Good Sales Happening THIS WEEK
    • Walmart: Low Carb Chicken Nuggets & Strips and Low Sugar General Tso’s Chicken Now Available NATIONWIDE
  • Publix: All RGF Items ON SALE!
  • Safeway/Albertsons: Promotions vary by region…
    • Denver: Breaded Chicken & Bacon Wrapped Chicken ON SALE
    • Southwest: Breaded Chicken & Multi-serve Global Entrées ON SALE
    • Southern: Breaded Chicken, Multi-serve Global Entrées & Breakfast Sandwiches ON SALE
    • NorCal: Multi-serve Global Entrées ON SALE
    • Seattle: Stuffed Chicken ON SALE
    • Intermountain: Breaded Chicken & Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos ON SALE
    • Mid-Atlantic: Breaded Chicken & Multi-serve Global Entrées ON SALE, Stuffed Chicken ON BOGO

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